All my boys can talk about is having a man cave – a space all their own to surround himself with “guy things” while they talk about “guy things”. Funny because if you look at the room where they hang out you will find sports pictures a big screen with sports on 24/7 and lots of manly talk.
I guess that because it is technically called the “family room” it doesn’t not qualify as a man cave? As far as I am concerned they already have a room in the house, so I think that they could take advantage of the garage and make it a perfect place for bringing their ideas to life. Here is a guest post with some great ideas for how to transform your garage into a man space.

New Year, New Garage
New Years is a time when people start thinking about getting rid of the old and starting fresh. One direction the mind may wander is to home repairs and finding ways to be more efficient, as well as ways to simply enjoy your space better. The garage is often an overlooked space in your home where things just collect and pile up. But with a little renovation, cleaning and repairs from Garage Door Guru of Elmont, you can have a space that is not only functional, but that can make an awesome man cave as well.

The first step in redoing your garage will be de-cluttering. You have to decide what you really need and still use, and what can go. As emotional as it may be saying good bye to the raggedy weight bench and old rusty tools is necessary for the process. If you still feel your stuff has life in it then donate it the Salvation Army, Good Will, or even see if there is a Freecycle group in your area. If it just needs to be trashed then call a junk haul company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they will haul it away for you.

Once you have items sifted as to what will go, and what will stay then it is time to organize the things that are staying. Group them together in themed categories like ‘Christmas lights’, ‘kids sports equipment’, ‘gardening supplies’, etc. When you have them grouped then it is time to find a smart storage system.

Companies like Gladiator Garage Works have turned organization into and art form. Their track and shelve systems use empty space in smart and efficient ways meeting your storage needs without taking up as much space as just stacking things. They have Gear Track Packs or starter kits that begin around $54.99-79.99, or larger systems at $327.99-429.99. Home Depot also offers easy ceiling storage options that run as low as $59.97 for a 45 inch X 45 inch Hyloft unit.

Now that the clean-up and organizing is done, it’s time to have some fun putting in extra man-tastic garage features. Car Guy Garage has cool storage options like their stainless steel or powder coated cabinets. If you want to really have some fun check out their specially made diamond plate Kegerator cabinet that can also hold a flat panel TV, or their diamond plate open grill BBQ cabinet.

When screenwriter Jack Olsen decided to redo his garage he added a submerged hydraulic lift. He purchased a used one for $450, which was cheaper and smaller than an auto lift and hides nicely in his garage floor until he wants to raise his car up for some work. Add some TCP LED lamps lamps for high quality and bright lighting and you are ready to work on any project, or just hang out in your new man cave garage.

Redoing a space like a garage can seem like an overwhelming task. Instead of dreading it think about the fun you can have with the new space. Redoing your garage for the New Year can be the perfect winter project that you will enjoy for seasons to come!

Guest Post Written by Felicity J. Pope

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse