There are so many choices for vitamin and mineral supplements. There is an entire industry for wellness and health that provides us innumerable ways to get our vitamins and minerals through pills, bars, powders, liquids, even gummy candies and more. I am a healthy person and do believe in supplements, especially in the age of processed foods where natural substances are difficult to find in every day foods. I have tried many things over my life time so far but for now I am really sold on the Liquid Vitamin Energy 28 and Natural Calm products. I trust the Natural Vitality Company to maintain high standards in the quality of their products. I have found that consuming these vitamins and minerals in water over the course of a few hours at different points in the day work much better for me than taking a pill. I am grateful that I was able to review these products because now I know they work and I have improved my life through making such a small change in my diet. I am Truly Excited to be able to offer you (Compliments of Natural Vitality) a tremendous giveaway for a . . .

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