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As many of you know, I bought my son a cell phone for Christmas so that I can have Peace of mind when he is away from the house at sports practices, going to and from school, and out playing with friends. Already in the short time he has had the phone, it has improved both our lives big time! One if the Apps that I put on his phone for safety is the FREE React Mobile App because it is a safety tool helps me keep track of my child. The app has a “Follow Me” feature so I can track my son in real-time whenever he or I are concerned for his safety. Then he simply touches the “I’m Safe” button to let me know that he is okay.

React Mobile App To keep you safe connected to help anywhere in the world  Free Personal Saftey App

I ask people I care about to get the React Mobile App so that we have real protection when going about our lives. When my daughter goes to a party or on a date. . . when my son rides his bike to a friends house . . . when I am out walking to my car. . . this APP lets you alert your friends if you are nervous and alert the police when you need help.

React Mobile App To keep you safe anywhere in the world easy as one two three Free Personal Saftey App

This is HOW IT WORKS:  In any emergency you just press the SOS shield on the app to send out a panic alert. This gives a link to your GPS location to the emergency contacts you have selected. You can send alerts to their text messages and email. You can even have your location tracked and posted on Facebook and Twitter so that you can get help right away in real time.


GET THIS! It also prompts you to call the local authorities based on your GPS location and it works wherever you are all over the World!

This is another no brainer to give yourself less stress in your life but also to give your children less stress knowing that they have a way to get help anytime they need it with a touch on their phone.

Get React Mobile today!

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