How are your New Year’s Resolution’s coming along?

Have you made good progress in these first 2 weeks?

Have you given up on some already?

Perhaps you have “modified” a few so that they are more realistic to achieve.

I have made some great progress in eating healthier, drinking lots more water and taking herbal supplements to achieve my weight loss goals. 

I have definitely had to modify a few things in my life to work on my 2013 resolution of spending more quality time with my family. For example, I brought board games up to the kitchen to keep us at the table longer with each other at meal times. Sometimes it is one on one battleship with one of my boys. Other times it is a group game of Apples to Apples, Scrabble or Mexican Train. It works Wonders! You should try it!!

Another step I took toward my goal is that I moved my “office” from the center of the house in the dining room to an upstairs guest room that is quiet and out of the way. This has been a great help to making quality time because I now keep work from distracting my family time because I was always looking for updated e-mails and such while we are together. Now family time is for family and work time is for work. I am much more productive in my work now and I am “present” for my family. 

If you read my blog regularly you know that I use a service called My Gofer. This service saves me time dragging the kids through the store or worse, spending time away from them to shop. It is so nice to place an order online and swing by after work to pick it up, turning a 45 minute shopping trip into a 10 minute pain free process.


Yesterday I again modified my resolution to make more quality time. I decided that I will make a standing list of the essentials that we always need in our home every two – three weeks;  toilet paper, shampoo, face wash, soaps, milk, bread, cereal, coffee, school lunch stuff . . . the staples. I will order that list on My Gofer and just have it delivered every two weeks or so. By me not having to give these things a second thought, I will only have to plan on the extras like new meal ingredients, a birthday present, a bag of sugar once a month. . . you get the idea, right?

This will not only make more time with my family, but it will make me less stressed and more efficient as a person and mom. 

My Gofer could really help with my fitness goals too because I can only order healthy foods and not be swayed to buy junk foods by going into the store! I can order yoga mats, work out gear, water bottles and more from My Gofer and grab it on the way to the gym! 

What are resolutions you made that My Gofer can help you reach?

Maybe you are caring for elderly parents and can have deliveries made to their residence.
Perhaps it is young children or babies that you need to care for and can have your hubby or a friend swing by the store and grab your groceries for you really quick.

Maybe you need to find the time to work out? My Gofer can help you make the time
 that you need for you!

There are many benefits to this service and strategies that can make your life better. Go check them out and let me know what changes you made to make a better 2013 for yourself with the help of My Gofer.