It has been so cold for so long here in Illinois.
We have a great deck out back and we love my husband’s BarBQ
but it is April and STILL too cold to go outside!
We have been discussing getting an outdoor heater for a while now.
My husband and I rent outdoor heaters for our annual Chili Cook-off
and Oktoberfest Party.
Our neighborhood regularly gets together with grills and tents and tables for
weekend parties
and we could definitely use a heater in the mix!
Right now it is so pretty outside with the spring flowers and
wildlife that we would love to sit outside.
But it is SO COLD!
WE had some money from our tax return so we decided to make a
small splurge that would mean a lot.
Our teens want to have bon fires in our yard to hang outside with
their friends at night but we are not comfortable with leaving the kids mere feet from
our home with a giant fire and teen age brain capacity. ;o)
 We decided that it is a good investment to buy our own heater
because we will use it . . . well,
We went to the online site for outdoor heaters that is part of the
Pro Home Stores shopping.
My husband LOVES to look at the Chiminea Fireplaces.
My daughter Loves to look at the Pro Home Stores Fire Pits
I decided on the
Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater
I was so happy when it finally came!
My husband was excited too and got right to work putting it together!
He had no problem getting it set up quickly!
45 degrees outside and windy is no problem with this heater!
This part of the deck I am standing on is 9 feet square.
The heat radiates out to a circumference of 18 FEET!
We can Entertain on the entire deck area and down into the grass
and keep everyone warm!!
It feels SO GOOD to sit OUTSIDE.
It is such a nice unit,
A very High Quality Product.
And their customer service is so GREAT!
For Example,
soon after I had placed my order I was contacted by Pro Home Stores
to let me know that the model I had ordered was only available with the upgraded
“bar top table” and that they would give it to me at the same price!
I am glad that it is easy and safe for my teens to use while
hanging out back here.
And when we are done, we just roll it into the house
to store it in our all seasons room!
Now I can go outside whenever I want and be warm.
I am so happy ordering from Pro Home Stores.
After such a great experience, I recommend using them!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse