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I put together a Halloween Party of the kids and wanted to share the fun ideas so that you can use them too. This popcorn treat box is super cute and helps keep the mess in one place. It is really easy to make with only a few supplies.

pumpkin popcorn treat cups for your halloween party - jenny at dapperhouse

What you need:

  • orange tulle
  • small boxes (I used these fiber pots)
  • green ribbon
  • plastic wrap
  • popcorn
  • paper straws in green or brown (cut in half)

Iwhat you need to make pumpkin treat boxes for Halloween - jenny at dapperhouse

How to Make:

1.) Cut the tulle into square pieces approx 1 foot x 1 foot.

2.) Tear off sheets of plastic wrap that fit just inside the tulle.

3.) Push the tulle and plastic wrap down into the pots

4.) Add popcorn so that it is filled above the top of the post and wrap up the popcorn in the plastic wrap and tulle.

5.) Secure with a green ribbon leaving enough space to add a piece of straw for the stem.

jenny at dapperhouse blog - pumpkin popcorn treat boxes for Halloween Parties DIY

These black pots would look really cool too!