Stress is ever-present in our lives. Whether it is the stress of a to-do list for the day or some unexpected task you have to carry out with a time constraint, we need ways to cope and manage our cortisol levels. With that in mind, here are five life hacks for reducing home stress. 

Relaxation Zone 

We spend so much time in our life serving other people. Whether it’s in the workplace or in the home, we are always thinking about other people. What about you? Self-care is arguably the most important element of well-being since, without it, we don’t have the energy or capacity to look after other people to the best of our ability. So how can you care for yourself in the home?

A relaxation zone is a space in your home that is dedicated to you. It could be a room in the home, but it doesn’t have to be; it could also be a chair or a nook as well. The important thing is that you can use this space to decompress after work or when you need downtime on the weekend. Make sure your family members know not to disturb you when you are in your nook.     

Reduce Clutter 

Clutter might seem harmless, but it can seriously affect the well-being of your household. Research shows that clutter creates stress in the brain by splitting attention and generating anxiety. The human brain also has a natural need for order and structure, another reason why clutter creates stress. Of course, a cluttered space is likely to lead to chronic stress every day. 

The good news is that clutter is easy to control when you make the decision to manage it in your home. Simply watch for the patterns of your daily life and make sure that everything has a place. When you know where things should be, you have more control over your space and more agency to control clutter. Try to work with family members to control clutter in the home.    

Automate Cleaning 

These days automation is becoming commonplace in the workplace, but it’s also making its way into home life. Automation makes repetitive tasks easier, reducing your life stress and increasing free time for resting or improving your well-being. In the home, there are various ways to automate cleaning, such as automated window cleaning, soap dispensers, and more. 

Although there are plenty of ways to automate your home, one of the most popular devices is an automated carpet cleaner. Check out the Ecovacs vacuum and mop robot for more information. A mopping robot is a set-and-forget device that allows you to maintain a clean home effortlessly. All you need to do is switch it on sometimes and continue with a wellness or personal project.  

Natural Lighting 

According to research by WHO, we now spend 90% of our lives indoors, which is detrimental to our health and well-being, especially when you consider that our bodies and brains still require daily light exposure for health. Natural lighting helps to set our circadian rhythms, helping us sleep better. Natural light also helps our bodies to produce vitamin D, that’s used for cell growth. 

Hopefully, you have windows in your home. Even if you only have a few or they are obstructed, there are ways to increase the amount of natural light in the home. First, make sure you make the most of the available natural light for your well-being nook. Also, consider hanging mirrors on the walls to increase available natural light and paint the walls in light colours or bright white.  

House Plants 

There are numerous studies that tell us about the importance of nature to our well-being. Whether you can visit nature in your local environment or not, it’s still a good idea to include house plants in your home. House plants are an excellent way to boost your well-being and improve your health. House plants are known to reduce stress levels and improve your mood. 

Along with being pleasant to look at, house plants also purify the air. Plants work in the opposite way to humans; they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. So if you want a natural oxygen generator in your home, introduce a few house plants. Some of the best house plants are ferns, spider plants, and rubber plants. But always check they are safe if you have a pet.  


Stress might be inevitable, but there are some good ways of managing it so that it doesn’t affect your life quality too much. Using the hacks in the article above, you can reduce the effects of stress – both spontaneous and chronic – and create more free time to work on your well-being. 

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