ORANGE – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors can cause reactions in our bodies and minds. A color can set the tone or mood and actually change our perceptions. Did you know that colors also have meanings and connotations that can give insight into your personality? If ORANGE is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

Besides the obvious orange (the fruit) what are the first three things that come to mind when you think of things that are the color orange? Perhaps the glowing sun as it sets in the sky, a basketball on the court and the classic single goldfish in a bowl. Orange is a warm color with positive connotations. It evokes feelings of energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and creativity. Using orange in home decor, makeup or outfits shows bold confidence with a warm and inviting intent. We get nostalgic with the color orange as it is the main color that represents the season autumn in nature. Beautiful fall leaves, jack-o-lanterns and big, bright bunches of mums popping up everywhere you look. Orange is a cozy and welcoming color that also offers some excitement and revitalization in its comforting nostalgia. You can see that if your favorite color is orange, you are creative, uplifting, energetic, successful and friendly.

According to experts in the fields of color and science, surrounding ourselves with orange in times of emotional stress, sadness or lethargy can serve as a cure! The color orange radiated its warmth and positive vibes in ways that cause our minds to feel revitalized, motivated, happy and optimistic. Orange has healing qualities that are so pronounced that using this color in your home and office can even take the edge off symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Orange is also said to restore balance to our physical energies and promote activity. Orange has also shown to stimulate hunger in the human brain!

Many colors often have conflicting characteristics that mean opposite things. Red for example can mean both love and war. With orange however, this color is more balanced and clear about its energy so it does not prevent conflict with itself. There are however some negative connotations that have been placed on the color orange so of the following characteristics, which ones best define your personality.  

  • Friendly or Overbearing
  • Encouragement or Competition
  • Enthusiastic or Impatient
  • Confidence or Arrogance
  • Strong & Resilient or Overly Competitive
  • Content or Impulsive
  • Optimistic or Judgmental

Orange is cheery, warm, bright, and refreshing. It has an undeniable energy that is stimulating and motivating. Think of ways that you can bring the color orange into your personal space and feel how uplifted you feel. The dining room is a great place for orange since it inspires hunger. Maybe some orange in your bathroom will get you going in the morning. Add some intentional orange to your living space at your next party and guests will feel more social and happy.

If you like excitement, being the center of attention and have a positive outlook on things, it is no wonder that you love the color orange. And, you can’t go wrong with mac & cheese, sunsets and orange nail polish.

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