White sofas look classy, chic, and modern. They can complement any type of interior design, and you can style them with cushions and throws of all colors and designs.

However, white sofas don’t come without their downsides. They’re notoriously tough to keep clean, and they require some extra TLC to maintain.

But tough doesn’t mean impossible. You can keep your white sofa spotless by taking precautionary steps to keep it clean.

There are lots of different ways to clean and maintain a white sofa, and we’re going to cover the best steps to take in this article.

How to Keep Your White Sofa White

Coffee, wine, chocolate, lipstick…there’s a long list of heavily staining things that can find their way onto your white sofa. The very thought of this might fill you with anxiety, especially if you’ve spent a small fortune on your furniture.

To relieve some of your worries, we’ve got a list of top tips to help you keep your new sofa sofa white.

Avoid eating on the sofa

As tempting as it is to tuck into a hot curry or snack on some chocolate while you’re watching TV on the sofa, doing so is a surefire way to stain your furniture. Even if you don’t spill any of your food, you need to watch out for splashes and crumbs.

A simple preventative step that you can take is to avoid eating while sitting on your white sofa. Instead, sit at the dining table, where you can focus on your food instead of being distracted by the TV!

Clean spillages immediately

The longer you leave a spillage, the more likely it is that it will become permanent. As soon as you’ve had a spill on your sofa, get a cloth and run it under warm water.

Ring out any excess water from the cloth to avoid soaking your sofa, and use it to clean up the spillage (using a blotting motion as mentioned above).

Leave the stain for a few minutes before repeating until the stain has been removed. You might need to use additional cleaning products, depending on the type of stain.

We recommend using baking soda or another natural cleaning remedy on your white sofa instead of harsh cleaning chemicals. Doing so will protect your sofa and reduce the risk of damage to the material.

Blot spillages instead of rubbing them 

Your first thought might be to grab a cloth and rub spillages to remove them from your sofa. Rubbing stains will only make the problem worse.

Instead of rubbing a stain, use a blotting motion to carefully lift the stain out of the sofa material. It might take several minutes to fully remove the stain, but be patient! It’s better to take your time than to rush and end up with a permanent stain on your white sofa.

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