One of my favorite things to do with my little guy is play legos!
Usually we play together for a few hours
 on Sunday mornings while Daddy sleeps in.
We like to build our own creations.
Like this past weekend we built a HUGE “base” for our
 space station central command headquarters.

We each have a lego character that represents us.
My lego lady has a blonde ponytail
 and I am always the mom to his lego guy…
the difference being that he is older in lego land…in his 20’s.

He is the Commanding Officer on the Base and this is his office.
His computers and maps are at his desk, then behind him is a
basketball hoop and soccer goal. : )
Oh. No!   Our T-Rex is trying to Escape!!!
The joke is on him…We strategically placed his pen in the
water because he cant swim and wont go into the water.
My office is in the bottom right corner.
I have a tall tree in my office and a blonde ponytail.
The Coolest Hover Craft Ever!!
And the Coolest little guy ever…my sweet boy
I love Sundays.
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse