Like many socially focused jobs, teaching is about more than providing a particular service; it is about forging connections, communicating and developing potential. Teaching isn’t just delivering pre-planned lessons and then going home; it’s about getting to know the kids, being there to support them and showing them their own potential to make things happen.

If you are looking for a way to fill your time well, you can’t go far wrong with teaching!

Grow Personally and Academically

Teaching is a great way to build your confidence, boost your skills and develop your academic potential. While you might think that teachers are just delivering information, you will also need to think of creative ways to keep the kids interested and to explain things in different ways until everyone understands.


You will also be on a learning curve as you refine your techniques from classroom control to lesson planning. Doing a master of arts in teaching online is a good way to continue your studies, but you should also build a support network of more experienced teachers who will be able to help you improve.

Like all industries, teaching changes with the times and so you will never stop learning new things and new methods. You need to be open and willing to try different approaches to make the most of your career. Balancing work, college and family might be tricky, but it is worth the effort in the end.

Make a Real Difference

The most exciting thing about teaching is that you could make a real difference to so many lives. Think back to your own time at school and it is almost guaranteed that there was at least one teacher who made you think a certain way or put you on a particular path. Teachers have the best chances of showing kids how to fulfill their potential academically, but they also have the opportunity to help them grow socially and emotionally too.

Over the years, you will have the chance to change the lives of so many kids for the better. You can offer them knowledge, the ability to critique ideas and to be determined about achieving their goals. In other words, you can give them a brighter future. This is what makes the job so worthwhile.

Have True Job Satisfaction

If you have ever sat in an office doing menial tasks and wondering why you are still there, then the offer of true job satisfaction can’t be sniffed at. Unlike roles where you can’t see the difference you are making, teaching offers you something completely new every day and you always see a difference.

The joy of being with kids is that they are so unexpected and will always surprise you. Sometimes this is plain irritating, but each day, there will be one surprise that makes the job worthwhile, whether it is a good grade, a great answer to a question or seeing the growth your class is achieving.


Teaching isn’t an easy job and, like any industry, it isn’t for everyone. However, if you are looking to do something of tangible value that will help your community, teaching is something you just have to try.