Are you ready to learn how to draw some really cool animals? Today we are traveling to Australia to learn how to draw some of their most interesting creatures. Below are eight different pages that you can choose from that have step-by-step directions that are easy to follow. You will find kangaroo, cassowary, crocodile, Tasmanian devil, koala, platypus, sugar glider and black flying fox. Really cool right?

If you want to print out the pages you can do that or follow along on the computer. Remember that it is almost impossible to get something right on the first try, so expect to practice until you get better. And if you do get it right on the first try, you must have some great art skills! Either way, it will be fun to try and might be fun to learn how to draw these Australian animals from memory and teach your friends.

This is a fun activity for families to do together because grown ups can learn to draw too.

Have fun!

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Kangaroo are born as small as a jellybean and grow to be taller than a refrigerator.


Cassowary have beautiful colors on their head and neck. They also have a five inch claw on each foot and are very aggressive. Some people joke that they are a mix between a turkey and a velociraptor!


This is a little known fact, but crocodiles can climb trees! They also live to be between 30 and 50 years old.

Tasmanian devils are known for their bone-crushing bite and their scary scream. An intenerating fact is that their teeth never stop growing so they are always sharp to eat the bones of their prey.


We all know that koalas are cute and make snuggly stuffed animals. Did you know that when koalas are born, they can not see or hear and have to stay in their mother’s pouch for six months to grow enough to come out into the world?


Platypus don’t have stomachs so they eat all day long to get nutrition. They are also one of the only mammals that lay eggs.

Some people keep Sugar Gliders as pets because they are cute and fun. Sugar gliders love to play with toys and enjoy ladders, bells, exercise wheels, tunnels and balls.


Flying foxes are a type of fruit bat that is so big, they have a wingspan of around five feet and fly up to 19 miles per hour.


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