My son loves to cook.
Here is an easy and low mess recipe that he can
make by himself.
(I help him with the gas range and the hot pan.)
First he gets out all his ingredients.
If your child cannot use a knife, you can pre-cut ingredients and have them
in the refrigerator on hand to choose from.
Then when he is in a hurry,
 he puts a baggie over a mug so he has nothing to wash.
This is not eco friendly so I suggest that you just rinse the cup,
(but his grandma from Arizona taught him this and
she comes from where they must conserve
every drop of water, and he likes
doing it the way she taught him.)
He adds his egg and sausage pieces into the bag. . .
Cheese and peppers. . .
he loves salsa. . .
and hot pepper sauce. . .
Then he zips the bag closed. . .
Shakes and mixes the ingredients inside the bag. . .
And he is finished!
At this point you could cook the omelette,
although my son is old enough to start the flame,
heat the pan, our in the mixture and flip the egg without help.
(I stand close by just in case.)
This is a great way for your child to show some independence,
eat healthy, and feel proud about their accomplishment!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse