Why do we fuss over our children eating healthy foods, brushing their teeth, wearing safety helmets and applying sunscreen? Because we love them. Because we want to protect them. Because our children are what matter most to us. Right? So did you also know that eye health is a serious issue. Protecting our children’s eyes from the sun is an essential part of their daily health routine that we can easily contribute to! You just need the right glasses. This is why I love the Real Kid’s Shades Company. They don’t just make scaled down versions of adult glasses.They have award winning designs made specifically for children but with the same exact standards as adult shades with “the best 100% UVA/UVB sun protection on the market.” This is important because if your child is wearing toy sunglasses or ones that do not have adequate sun protection standards, your actually harming your child’s eyes. That’s right, wearing toy shades causes your child’s eyes to dilate and therefore lets in more of the sun’s damaging rays! With Real Kids Shades you are guaranteed serious health for your children’s eyesight. They are CPSIA Compliant, CE Certified and FDA approved.

My son wears their glasses because he is outdoors so often. He is in year round sports and other outdoor activities. His white and freckled Irish skin is always slathered in sunblock and his eyes are always covered with RKS. My son knows that this is for his own good. He appreciates that I take good care of him and that I teach him good habits for a good life. But really he likes the RKS glasses because they are so cool and he likes how he looks and feels in them! Check him out in his two new pair of shades for the winter.

 This pair is awesome for all his outdoor sports and hard play.
My son says that when he is doing extreme sports
 these shades are completely comfortable and non restricting.
They have soft foam around the lenses and a stretchy, adjustable strap to keep them
on his head when he is running, ice skating and catching air off the snowboard ramps!
They also have Really cool colors too like
Pink, light and dark Purple, light and dark Blue, Red, Silver and more.
My son loves wearing RKS sunglasses because the styles are “WAY COOL”.
He gets a lot of compliments on every style he wears because they are so “high end” in design.
 This style is the Glide. His older teen brother is jealous of these glasses!
You can see the features and bangin’ colors on their site.

All the glasses come with a removable neoprene strap that is adjustable to keep them in place.
Each one comes in a professional case that can be used to store glasses when not in use. My son has one that hangs from his back pack with a carabiner that is really cool .

The RKS Glasses:

  • are Shatterproof and Impact Resistant
  • have Warp Around Frames to protect from peripheral light
  • have a comfortable fit designed just for children
  • are transparent enough to see your child’s eyes through the lenses
  • are tested and guaranteed to contain no harmful chemicals such as lead, bisphenol A, or phthalates
  • are high quality in every way
  • Have a high standard replacement guarantee
Check out the RKS “My First Shades” for baby. . .
Learn more about eye health for children.

* I want to thank RKS Company for sending my son two pairs of shades to review. We are big fans of their company and are glad to endorse their products.