Toys for Different Behavioral Types

When finding educational toys for your children it is good to have a nice balance between your right brain and left brain activities. Some children are driven more by their right brain and are artistic or creative. Others are more driven by their left brain and like logic and controlled games. Either way you can nurture both sides of their brain while offering wonderful playtime activities. Here are a few of the ones that might interest your children.

For your right brain children you will find a wonderful supply of artistic and creative activities in your local hobby shop or art supply store. Art kits that teach them how to knit, crochet, draw or just let them do their own thing are wonderful gifts for your children. Right brain thinkers are also good with memory games. Take a look at some of the local stores in your area and you’ll find your child’s favorite characters in a game called Memory. You can use this to help them develop that right side potential and also have fun at the same time.

You may have a child who loves to build things or construct. Legos are wonderful for their little imaginations to run wild. They can create whatever their imagination can come up with or you can buy kits that have a plan for them. A great place to find Legos of all kinds is at If your children love Star Wars there’s a kit for that. You’ll discover Legos that have ninja backgrounds, Harry Potter or even dinosaurs. Whatever your child can imagine comes to life with these great kits.

Board games are another wonderful tool to develop your children’s minds. So many children learn through play and having a good time. Clue is a great game for older children who like to problem solve. They can find out “who done it” in this old classic that many still love today. Guess Who is another problem solving game that is fun with children of all ages.

Grab a couple of pattern block games for helping your little one develop their left brain side. They will have fun putting the shapes in the right spot on their toys. Take a look at numbers for your refrigerator or any sequencing board games that will help them to strengthen that side.

No matter which personality your child may have there’s something fun for everyone. Developing both sides of their brain help them to have a love and understanding of the world around them. Keep educational and fun games on hand to keep them active and using their little minds. You will be amazed at what they can accomplish!