My dog Violet is very active and needs toys that keep her interested. This Interactive Ball is perfect for her. The cool thing about this ball that makes it different from other toys is that it is self rolling. That’s right! It even bounces a little as it rolls on its own! It has flashing lights as well which gets the attention of your dog and engages them in play. 

I bought this fun ball back in March and have used it so many times. It is extremely durable and holds a charge for a really long time. When the ball does need a charge, all it takes is a simple USB charge and it gets going again. It can go 5 hours on a charge but I have it on the mode where it turns off when not in use so it lasts days at a time. You unscrew the ball and push the button inside to select a setting and to turn the ball on and off.

The outside of the self-propelling ball is made of a hard surface so dogs can not bite or chew on this ball. This is the only thing that makes Violet give up playing with the ball. She will often grab a bone and run around chasing the ball with the bone in her mouth so she can mouth something while she plays. Another fun option is that it has a very small hole on one end where you can tie a feather toy for a cat. I use this hole to tie a very thin bandana on it that lets her chase and grab on to the ball for some different fun.

This ball is $20 and definitely worth it. It does keep her interest and she has fun chasing it around. IT is durable, long lasting and a whole other level of fun,

PetDroid Interactive Automatic Rolling Ball