If you love reptiles and are thinking of getting on as a pet, a bearded dragon is a great choice. A lot of people don’t realize that reptiles can be very friendly to their owners and they each have a personality all their own. Bearded dragons in particular respond affectionately to their owners and even wave their hand to say “hello”!  They are very aware of what is going on around them and they even recognize their owners voices. They will eat from your hand and they like to be held.

Keep in mind that bearded dragons can live at least 10 years or more so you will be making a serious time commitment to your pet. They will be a source of fun and companionship though, so they are perfect for someone who wants more than just a pet that sits in a cage. If you think that you do not want to spend time with a reptile and prefer to find one that is more to look at behind the glass, you should consider a different pet than a bearded dragon.

After the initial investment of the cage and accessories, bearded dragons do not require much besides food. They will eat food from the store but also love many different kinds of fruits and veggies. They need protein so you need to buy them live crickets or even freeze dried meal worms depending on what they prefer to eat.

Bearded Dragons sleep during the night so they will not keep you up like some nocturnal pets do. During the day they will need heat and UV rays from a lamp with a special bulb. They need the UV rays and heat for overall health and digestion.

Bearded dragons can be very even  tempered but they do each have their own unique personality. When we went to pick out a bearded dragon for our pet, there was one that was hissing and tried to bite so we left that one alone. The one we chose was already friendly and interacting with us after only three days. She is really sweet and very curious. It is lots of fun to watch as she cocks her head to the side when she sees or hears something new. She is only about 3 months old and will eat up to 20 – 50 crickets at a time. She is already starting to show signs of which fruits and veggies she prefers over others.

Making a commitment to a pet can be minimal or it can be long term. Bearded dragons are definitely a long term commitment with great rewards. If you are looking for a fun pet with lots of personality that likes to sit on your shoulder and prefers a lot of attention, you will love having a bearded dragon.

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