Looking at all the materials involved in moving and you may become quickly overwhelmed by the cost. Not only do you have to pay for the movers and the moving truck, but there’s the price of all those supplies too. Packing tape, boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap – these are just a few of the supplies that can make a low-cost move turn into a money wasting affair. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep a recycled mindset while also keeping your move as low cost as possible.

Never Pay For Boxes

This money-saving method may take some significant ahead-of-time preparation, but if you can swing it, try not to buy any boxes. If you look in the right places, you should be able to find all the cardboard you need. As soon as you realize a move is in store for you, ask all of your neighbors and friends to save their boxes they get from online retailers, bulk goods stores, and similar establishments. Then just before packing day make the rounds and collect those boxes. And you can be ahead, in packing to move without stressing.

You can also use any containers that would serve as an adequate substitute for a box such as laundry baskets, crates, plastic bins, etc. Don’t bother emptying your dresser drawers. Instead, bag your clothes and place them right back into your drawers. This way you won’t need any boxes for clothes, and you won’t need to unpack them either when you get to your final destination.

Use Your Closet To Pack Up The Kitchen

You’ve kept your clothes in the dresser drawers to save on boxes. Now use the clothes in your closet to wrap your most fragile dishes. You won’t need to spend a lot of money on bubble wrap if you use a few of your softest sweaters and layer your dishes in the rest of your clothes.

Also, consider putting smaller items in bigger ones. Pack your silverware in your plastic storage containers, stack cups and serving utensils in your large pots. Once you’ve wrapped and consolidated as much as possible, start placing your items in those boxes you’ve saved for months or collected from friends and neighbors.

Saving On Tape

A roll of tape is one of those necessary items you’ll have to purchase while packing up. If boxes come to you already flattened, then you’ll need some strong packing tape to sure up the bottom. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to tape up the top too, especially if you’re moving everything yourself. Conserve your tape usage by sealing only the boxes that absolutely need protection.

Sort Of Packing Liquids

Many liquids like cheap detergent or old cleaner can be left behind. But there are some that you’ll want to take with you, mainly if they are expensive items like shampoos, perfumes, oils, etc. This point is the perfect time to use open containers you haven’t already found a use for yet. Containers like baskets or buckets can be used to store your liquids in a safe place where you can keep an eye on them. The last thing you want to do is pack them in a box and get to your final destination to be surprised by a massive, sticky mess.