Today is Something on a Stick Day! This means lots of fun for little ones. All you need is an inexpensive bag of Bamboo Skewers (found at most any food store) and you can kabob (almost) everything you eat today! Kids LOVE this playing with food fun. You know that I think that kids should not have sugary treats every day, but if you want to make a sweet treat to Celebrate today, this is a fun foodtivity that most ages can manage with minimal help!

Celebrate something on a stick day with this colorful treat recipe for kids @dapperhouse

First you make the rice krispy treats using the hot stove. Add any color.

How to Make Green Rice Krispy Treats in 3 easy steps Picture tutorial @dapperhouse

Once the treats are cool enough to handle, let your child roll them into bite sized balls. TIP: the smaller the better so that they are not too heavy to stay on the sticks. While the kids are doing this you can melt the chocolate or candy coating.

have your child rool the cooled rice krispy treats in to bite sized balls and set on wax paper - celebrate something on a stick day with kids @dapperhouse

Have your child push the skewer carefully into the rice ball and return to the wax paper.

Eat your foods on bamboo skewers for Something on a Stick Day and make these sweet treats with your child @dapperhouse

Help children dip the rice balls in the chocolate or candy so they are not near the heat and at risk for burns.

celebrate something on a stick day with this kids treat foodtivity @dapperhouse

Let your child roll their ball in sprinkles!

Celebrate Something on a stick day with your child @dapperhouse

Put them back on the wax paper to harden. Then ENJOY! We put some floral foam in a little flower pot to display the ones we didn’t eat. You can also store them in a ziplock bag or tupperware.

Spend time with your child celebrating the silly fun of Something on a Stick day! @dapperhouse DIY Recipe

What are you and your child going to try and eat on a stick today for dinner?