My daughter gave me this poem she wrote.

She said that her inspiration was John Lennon.
When I read it, 
I simply hear my daughter as the amazing young woman she is. 
So here it is.
I am sure you will be moved as I am.
we seem to focus on everybody else
and in the process we tend to lose our self
worried about weight loss and the color of our hair
all the things we say and of course the things we wear

but if we could put some time into who we are 
our world would come to life 
and we would all go so far
just be happy and you will see
life is much more than material things

try to be ourselves and we wouldn’t have a care
spread a little love
you have so much good to share

clear your mind, clear your mess
get those bad thoughts out of your head
help a neighbor
rescue a dog
donate you change 
or just sing a happy song
smile at a stranger
and say hello
recycle paper
walk where you have to go
give a present to someone you like
have a good attitude 
live a happy life

we can change the world one step at a time
it all begins with you
we only have one life

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse