Many of us may be planning for a life change over the next few months and years. You might be thinking of pursuing another career, trying out a new hobby or lifestyle, or even welcoming a new addition to your family. You may not be considering it right now, but you may be thinking about whether you need to move home – and sell the one you’re living in now.

When that time comes, you’ll want to do all you can to make sure your house sale goes smoothly and successfully – so you can get as much capital for your next venture. You can make your current home as saleable as possible to help, and you can carry out some of these tasks now before you contact a realtor.

Complete minor repairs

A prospective buyer appreciates a well-maintained and clean property; they won’t generally like a house that needs numerous upgrades or fixtures. So, you should attend to items such as cracked tiles, broken doorknobs, holes in any walls and threadbare carpets as soon as you can.

Also, make sure you clean everything, so you get rid of dust, dirt, and grime. It may not add much value, yet your home will look more attractive because it’s sparkly and tidy.

Get neutral paint

This will help your property seem larger and lighter and will help any prospective buyers to envisage how they can design it according to what they want and need. Using neutral paint will create an excellent first impression as it shows you’ve made an effort to make your home presentable.

Declutter without depersonalizing

Your friends and family may like your sense of style – but, during your home’s staging, potential buyers may not appreciate it. So, think about removing any excess items while keeping some personality in your property: the aim is to have people see how they can be living in it, rather than being put off with a generic hotel look.

You may want to use storage provided by brands such as Storage Area to keep some of your belongings in at this point. You can choose a unit that fits your needs – depending on the size, number of items, and your budget.

Clean up

Don’t overlook this common mistake that, in many cases, can lead to a property not selling. Make sure your home is clean for every prospective buyer who views your home – a bit of extra effort will work wonders and make your home more appealing to people. You should also tidy up your garden, too: clear your patio, cut back any bushes, and wipe down any outdoor furniture.

Make a good first impression

Increasing your curb appeal will be the first step to making your home attractive to prospective buyers, and so getting a sale at the best price possible. Many buyers will make up their minds in the first few minutes of getting to the door, so make sure your home makes a good impression. This includes paying attention to your property’s exterior and ensuring your front yard is flawless.