Do you & I have these 4 things in common?
1. I am a real person with food cravings so I need snacks 
with a satisfying texture and taste.

2. I am a busy person in need of snacks 
that travel well and stay fresh.

  3. I need snacks that satisfy hunger and that are significantly 
beneficial enough to eat for energy and health.

 4. I am super awesome and genuinely fabulous. 
(and I like good deals)
Did you agree with these 4 statements?

I knew it!! 
We DO have a lot in common!
(like best friends)
If you are a parent like I am, 
you are probably deeply concerned about your fabulous 
children’s health as well. 
Am I right?

So, when I had the opportunity to try this new gourmet snack product 
I was really excited!

I do not buy snack chips in my home 
unless it is a special (and rare) occasion 
so I was really hoping that these chips would make the cut nutritionally!

I received single serve bags of Beanitos in 4 different flavors to try;

Black Bean 
Black Bean with Chipotle BBQ  

Pinto Bean & Flax 
 Pinto Bean & Flax with Cheddar Cheese

Right away I had my family try them too. 
(I made each of my children try them separately 
so that I could get a genuine response without the influence of the others.)

My 9 year old tried them first and loved them SO much that he took all the 
Chipotle BBQ bags and hid them for his lunches this week. 
Then he finished off a Pinto and Flax with Cheddar Cheese. 
I had my picky 20 year old daughter try them next.
 She liked every one of the flavors
and asked me to buy more
 of the Pinto and Flax Seed plain chips. 
She said that she thought they would be like tortilla chips,
but was surprised at how light they were…like potato chips! 
My teen son tried them and he said that he 
would definitely eat them again. 
He liked all the flavors and also preferred the Pinto Bean and Flax.

I didn’t even ask my husband to try them 
because he is the one person in the house 
that does not “do” healthy foods. 
He doesn’t get to have junk food at home because I don’t buy it, 
but he is anti-health food because of the taste. 
They were sitting there on the counter so he ate one…
and He liked them too!!!!
 (no. way.)

I honestly LOVE every one of the flavors. 
I really do like that they are light and crispy…different from 
tortilla and pita chips. 
I am excited to have a new product in our home. 
I throw them in the kids backpacks, my lunchbox…
I even bought some to keep in the car for snack attacks 
while carpooling to sports and running errands.

So, here are the facts that won me over to try them in the first place…

·         I am a vegetarian and really watch my soy intake so that I don’t overdo it. 
This is difficult when many vegetarian and vegan products use 
soy as the protein base. 
These are soy free !!

• New Healthy Chips Made From Pinto & Black Beans (and whole grain rice)

       • Non-GMO, Gluten-free

       • High Protein & Low Glycemic

       • 6 g Protein & 6 g Fiber (In only 1.25 ounce serving!!)

Check out these chips advertised as “Healthy”…

Corn Based Tortilla chips:

Only 3 g protein & 2 g of fiber

Potato Based Baked Chips:

Only 2 g  protein & 2 g  fiber

Hummus Chips made from Garbonzo beans:

3.25 g protein & 1 g of fiber  
 (use potato and corn starch and soy powder as fillers)

Check THIS out for more shocking comparisons!

The other great news is that they are Available in 7,000 stores nation-wide,
 including Whole Foods & Krogers and

AND how great are these for Weight Watchers Point? RIGHT?

You really have to try them.
To read more here at their FUN website click   

Then buy them and spread the good word!

THANK YOU Beanitos for sending me your chips to review!
You have made customers for life!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse