Finding a great dentist for your family is so important. You want them to be nearby, but you also want them to be excellent with your kids and perform an exemplary job whether you are there for a cleaning or a cavity to be filled. 

A great all-in-one dentist is hard to find. It isn’t just about getting the services done; it’s about clicking with the clinic and all those who work there. For most dentistry needs to be paid for out of pocket or needs its own insurance policy, so you have more freedom in choosing what clinic you and your family will likely continue to use throughout your lives. 

Some good qualities to look for when deciding on a clinic include: 


Any great business offers exceptional communication strategies, and your dentist isn’t any different. A great dentist is one that respects your preferred choice for communication outside of their office and one who makes you feel comfortable and in control throughout every appointment. Having a good bedside manner and knowing how to talk to you and to your kids is an absolute must. Dentists can be scary for children, but a great one that approaches them with kindness can go a long way. 

For you, communication will be more than just speaking pleasantly during the appointment. You’ll also want many great communication features that RecallMax recommends dentists to include in their practice for great customer service. This way, you get the best in service, whether you are in the clinic or at home trying to email, call, or text. 

Appointment Reminders 

You’re a busy parent, and it’s not like your kids are going to remember or remind you about their dentist appointment. That is why it’s a good idea to ensure that the dentist you are looking at offers appointment reminders either by call, text, or email. This way, you can remember, have time to reschedule and get yourself and your kids to a clean-up and check up on a regular basis. For example, if you make a rough appointment after your clean-up, you can ensure you see the dentist regularly, but by having a reminder, you can give yourself time to make adjustments if there are new responsibilities or events you couldn’t have planned for six months ago. 

Experience with Kids 

As you are looking for a dentist for your family, you will need a dentist that has experience with kids. This doesn’t just mean having a good bedside manner, either. Pediatric dentistry is different than dentistry offered to adults. There are different things to look for and different means of treatment for kids that your dentist should know and be comfortable with. 

Level of Services Offered 

Chances are your kids will need braces or other corrective dental surgeries in order to get their teeth to their healthiest and most beautiful. While there are always orthodontists available, it can be a comfort to your kids and easier for yourself if your dentist also offers these corrective surgeries and procedures right inhouse. This way, you don’t need to go further, and your kids have someone they trust.