During the Holiday in December when my family and I were at the airport with our standby tickets, we had many hours of wait time to explore the O’Hare airport. It was fantastic to go to a peaceful mezzanine area in the Terminal 3, G Concourse where the Urban Gardens are kept. Chicago is a city that is making strides to go green with environmental efforts to provide a better future. These gardens are a major part of that movement and are proudly the first ever airport aeroponic garden. The indoor gardens are vertical tubes and some horizontal trays that run recycled water and mineral nutrients to the plants with pumps and no soil. These type of aeroponic gardens are increasing in popularity for many reasons. As we see from this garden an abundance of vegetation can be grown and harvested in a smaller space and without soil as a resource.
The edible herbs, flowers and lettuces feed airport patrons in fine restaurants while reducing pollution from transportation and more.
In this picture you see that this Basil is used in the dishes at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant.
These peppers are used in Rick Bayless’s Fontera Grill Restaurant.
Look how amazing this Vegetated Roof Project is!
Here I am admiring the garden and system.
The lights are beginning to come on for the daily feedings of sunlight.
Here they are in Full “sun”.
I took this picture from the other end so you could grasp a full picture of the beauty of this area.
Here is my family waiting and eating in this beautiful, comfortable and quiet area.
I decided to pull up a chair to get some much needed sunlight/ Vitamin D.

I highly recommend that if you live in Illinois you come for a visit here to see and to learn all about the amazing environmental projects going on in our Chicago Airports! If you are ever visiting in O’Hare make sure to stop by Terminal G. For more information please read this outstanding article on the garden and the tremendous benefits it is making for our world!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse