I have Pink Eye! Ugh. It is highly contagious so I am missing work until the drops kick in and I can go into public again. I learned a lot about Pink Eye (Also know as Conjunctivitis) over the past few days and want to share it with you in case you find that someone you care about gets it too. It often spreads through homes, schools and child care centers because it is highly contagious. There are precautions to take and actions to complete to get rid of and prevent the spread of this infection. Pink eye can be viral, bacterial, even caused by dry eyes, allergies and the herpes virus, so it is best to see a doctor to find out what you need to do to treat and prevent your individual case. There are medications to get and home remedies you can do as well. Here are some things I learned while I’ve had Pink Eye.

I learned that I feel embarrassed about looking like a freak.!! GAH!   (Gross)

Some Symptoms of Pink Eye May Include

  • First symptom is usually redness of the eye
  • You can have pain in the eye
  • Your eye may itch
  • You can feel a gritty feeling in the eye
  • The lining of your eyelid can swell and be aggravated
  • There may be puss and discharge that sometimes causes the eye to stick shut when sleeping.

Some Causes of Pink Eye

I  have gotten Pink Eye many times for various reasons.

  • Sometimes allergies can cause a flare up (Especially when I travel and unfamiliar pollen is in the air)
  • It can be passed by someone who has it (Highly Contagious)
  • It can be a result of a cold with nasal discharge and congestion
(Super Gross)
How to Treat Pink Eye Once You Have It
  • Wash you Hands. Wash everything that touches our eye germs immediately. Wash your hands again.
  • I suggest immediately washing (preferably bleaching) every washcloth, towel and pillowcase that your eye comes in contact with. Do NOT touch your eye and if you believe that your hands have come in contact with your eye, tears or discharge Wash Hands Immediately and thoroughly with Soap and Water.
  • Depending on what feels better you can use cold or warm compresses for the pain. Warm wet washcloths can help eliminate the crusty discharge that can form while sleeping but make sure that you sterilize it or use paper towel or gauze and throw it away before it touches anything in the house or wherever you are.
  • Go to the doctor. Usually you will be prescribed drops to put in your eyes and a gel that goes along your lash line. My case is not severe (I do not have discharge or pain) so after 24 hours on the medications I can return to work. Even without medications viral pink eye can go away on its own after a week or so, but it is best to find out before you suffer damage or consequences from a bacterial infection.
(It’s Okay! We can beat this.)
About Your Make-Up and Skin Care
I suggest tossing out/throwing away your eye make-up and any brushes or applicators that have come in contact with your infected eye. I know it stinks to do this, but the virus or bacteria is now living in and on anything that touched your eye! I tossed out my make-up and sanitized my brushes.
  • When putting creams on my face I would avoid the whole area around my infected eye then do it last then wash my hands.
  • I would not touch my eye and then touch my bottles or products.
  • I went to the dollar store and bought two sets of eye shadows and applicators for the two days I would be on the medicine.
  • I used the $1 eye shadow to do my makeup on my good eye first then on my infected eye, then tossed it in the trash. I did the same thing today and will do this until my eye is healed. This is a small price to pay to keep your make up sanitary and the dollar store actually had some great colors and a few name brands!

*I am not a doctor nor do I give medical advice. This article is based on my personal accounts of dealing with Pink Eye. My advice to you is to seek medical advice form a trusted professional to treat your individual case. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse