Herbs and teas have long been used to treat ailments. The US government (FDA) regulates claims of the benefits of natural remedies but none the less, people everywhere are still using them to prevent and cure health issues. As well, science has lent us more knowledge and insight into the true benefits of teas. Exciting benefits that help major medical issues such as cancer and diabetes have been found. I recently discovered that I have High Cholesterol and need to find alternative ways to lower the levels. I decided to research teas. The benefits of green tea is widely known, but how about the lesser known herbal tea remedies? For example;
Chamomile Teas have been known to calm and soothe. You can drink it before bed or put the actual tea bag on a rash! Science has found that Chamomile has powerful antioxidants that stunt cancer cell growth, and prevent loss of vision and nerve damage from diabetes.
Hibiscus Teas have been consumed as a medicine to treat mild colds because of their high Vitamin C concentration. Many modern scientific studies have shown that this tea lowers blood pressure, especially in people with diabetes.
The tea I found that has incredible health benefits for me personally is called Oolong tea.
These benefits make this tea tailored specifically for my medical needs!
  • provide mental alertness and imporoved thinking skills
  • prevents tooth decay
  • prevents osteoporosis
  • boosts immune system
  • lowers cholesterol
It is like this tea was created especially for me! I can definitely benefit from this tea now that I work full time in a pre-school and have been chronically sick since I started from exposure to so many germs! AND I will Lower my Cholesterol!!
Oolong is made from the plant Camellia sinensis as is green and black teas. The difference between the teas is in the varieties of the plants and in the process by which it is made. Green tea is unoxidized and black tea is oxidized, and oolong tea is partially oxidized. After it is cultivated the leaves, stems and buds are rolled in order to bring the essential oils to the surface, then they are fired and left to oxidize.

There are so  any brands and places to buy Oolong online. I happen to find mine at the Whole Foods but there was only one available! I have not seen at any of my other local grocery stores.

The one I got is called “Milk Oolong” and says that it tastes smooth and light with the flavors of sweet cream and pineapple with orchid notes. WOW.


Want to know what it tastes like to me?

Read more about my first taste and opinions of Oolong tea.

Have you tried it before? What do you think? Leave me a comment below!