The summer can be a wonderful time to work out depending on the weather where you live. The weather is subjective to what conditions you are accustomed to so keep that in mind when reading tips for working out in the heat. There are some safety issues, tips and tricks for getting a great summer workout.

Use Sunblock

Is this tip too obvious? You would think so, but there are still many people (and especially young people learning about life) that still need to be reminded about how important it is to regularly wear sunblock. Bottom line is skin damage, skin cancer and expedited aging…so understand the importance of protecting your skin when working out in the sun.

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Is this tip too obvious too? Hopefully it is but my own son has gone out to play in the heat and humidity mid-summer only to call me later asking me to bring him water because he didn’t plan ahead. Don’t assume that you will be fine or get water when you need it. . . take water with you wherever you go! You need to be drinking water constantly, not only when your body starts to feel thirsty. When you are working out in heat, your body can dehydrate quickly and it is dangerous! There are SO many fun and cool water bottles that you can find a few that fit your personality and carry everywhere you go!

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Consider Heat + Humidity

When I lived in Arizona I would go for a jog or a hike on a day that was in the 90’s and my body would sweat to cool off as nature intended in that dry environment. Here in Illinois it can be a relatively normal summer temperature but the humidity can make it hard to breathe and hard for the body to cool itself down. Without being able to sweat in humid conditions our internal temperature rises. Listen to your body and be cautious when the humidity is high. If you are feeling any signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration act fast to seek help.

Wear Proper Clothing

Science has helped create fabrics that are made specifically to wick sweat to keep our bodies cooler in warmer weather. There are also fabrics that create a sunblock effect to ward off the harmful sun! Under Armour HeatGear is a popular product made for exercising in hot weather but there are many products and brands that produce the same results. Cooling towels made specifically to be worn on your neck are a great accessory to have to beat the heat.

Working out in the heat can be intense and beneficial to building endurance and for working up a great sweat. Just take simple precautions to stay safe!