It’s the stage which many people dread; the teenage years. A toddler or a child might be prone to tantrums but they at least can be picked up and removed from a situation and they cannot argue back. Some people may not like what rearing teenagers will take while others will want to tackle the challenge head-on. Here are some tips to help you stay sane when your children become teens. 

Work with Them to Create Boundaries

Teenage children want a little more space and the opportunity to explore their surroundings without parental supervision. If you try to restrict this then you are likely to encounter pushback and rebellion if they don’t agree with certain rules. 

Sit down with your teen and work out a list of rules and boundaries which you are both satisfied with. Things like curfews should be at the top of the list for discussion. You may be happy to give your teen a longer curfew at the weekends or during the holidays in exchange for texts or a phone call explaining where they will be. Make sure they understand why these precautions are necessary and make sure they are aware of some of the dangers of the wider world without scaring them. 

Get Them Their Own Car

Once your teen has their own licence, it might be about time to look into getting them a car of their own. Once you find the best car for your teen, you won’t have to worry about trying to work out a schedule between the two of you.

Neither of you will be restricted by the other having the car and you can continue your lives as usual. Finding a new car doesn’t even need to be that much of an expense. 

Spend Quality Time with Your Other Kids

If you have younger children who might be affected by the fiery arguments which might occur with a teenager in the house, you should check in with them to make sure they are ok. Arranging parent-child dates with each child allows you to have some quality one-on-one time with each of them. Ensure that they know that they can come to you at any point, even if you appear to be distracted by the teenager.

Spending time with your other children also allows you a little breathing space from the teenager if they are being particularly problematic. Take your time and remember to act calmly if they greet you with backtalk when you see them again. Fostering negative attitudes is never going to be good for your family overall.

The teenage years can be difficult but if you persevere you can end up with a well-adjusted young adult on the other side. Just remember, even when they are being difficult this won’t last forever.