The exciting thing about having a private outdoor space is the opportunity it presents to improve your curb appeal. Styling an outdoor area may be slightly different from decorating the indoors. In many instances, blending with nature takes precedence when homeowners refresh their outdoor living spaces. Even after the pandemic, 82% of homeowners still place emphasis on making their outdoor spaces look better than before. If you are a part of them, these suggestions would be helpful.

  • Build a fireplace and make it the focal point

With winter coming soon, the fireplace in your outdoor living space will be an excellent addition to your home. It almost always becomes the focal point for any outdoor space. Moreover, long winter nights around a safe fire source can be cozy moments to revel in the beauty of your outdoor space. However, in building a fireplace in this area, it is important to observe basic fire safety rules. The first is to ensure that its placement is in alignment with the required regulations. 

For example, observing a healthy distance of 10 to 25 feet between your firepit and the main house is recommended. This distance also applies to your neighbor’s property and any trees on your property. It is also a requirement to have an emergency fire extinguisher nearby in case of an accident. Lastly, you must decide between a gas fire pit or one that burns wood. Each one has its pros and cons. When all these are sorted out, it would be safe to build a fireplace. 

  • Consider fixing a hot tub

According to, 5.8 million hot tubs are installed on private properties around the country. For many homes that can afford to install one, hot tubs are excellent additions to the outdoor area. They add character to the home, are great for relaxation, and instantly transform the outdoor area. The hot tub will be a great way to unwind and de-stress on a particularly stressful day.

Before installing one in your outdoor space, it is crucial to consider certain factors. The foundation, electrical supply, space, safety, and privacy cannot be overlooked. More importantly, regular hot tub cleaning must be on your list of considerations. When you are certain of these factors and how well you can maintain them, a hot tub can be a wonderful addition to refresh your outdoor living space.

  • Provide artificial or natural shade for the area

An uncovered outdoor area may leave much to be desired. What would you do when you need protection from the sun, snow, or rain? You don’t have to cover the whole area. On the contrary, partial coverage can provide ample shade. This is why you have the option to build a pergola, install a canopy or extend the roof (depending on the house design).

All these options require funding, but the type of shade determines how much to part with. The cheapest of the three is the canopy option which costs an average of $2,459. Indeed, the size of the canopy and the brand will matter. Some houses have natural shade from vegetation or foliage on the property. Those can work out just fine with extra work and styling details.

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