The law of attraction is complicated and perhaps even a controversial idea, but it has many devotees and followers who are sure that it is working for them. The law of attraction is the ability to literally attract whatever we want into our lives by merely focusing all of our attention on it. It is, therefore, the idea that thoughts can become a reality. For those who practice is, it can bring about hugely positive changes in their lives, giving them wealth and status.

It may seem that knowing that the law of attraction is working for you is clear, but the changes that it brings about can be subtle, and slowly introduce themselves into your life. Because of this, those who are just starting out on this journey can become frustrated and give up because they think that nothing is happening. Therefore, it is essential to know the smaller signs that the law of attraction is beginning to do good in your life so that you continue with it until you receive everything you desire.

Better Intuition

Everyone has some sense of intuition, and although scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes it, they do believe that it is there to keep us safe from harm. It’s why we take an instant liking or dislike to certain people, for example. In some cases, it can be stronger, and you might find that you are speaking at the same time as someone else, saying the same words, or that you know when someone is going to contact you.

When you get a sense about a situation, and ‘something’ tells you that you should or shouldn’t do something, it is important to listen to that intuition and follow it where possible. The more practice you have with the law of attraction, the more intuitive you will become. This is because the way that you are manifesting your own reality becomes sharper and quicker, and what you think and feel is melding with what is happening. For some, this can be a frightening experience at the start, but once you are used to it, you can use it to your advantage.

So when you notice that you are picking up on more things around you, or that you are able to know that what you are thinking is going to actually happen, you will also know that the law of attraction is beginning to work.


Something else that many people start to notice more when the law of attraction begins to work for them is the same numbers time and again. Often these numbers are ‘11’, or ’11:11’. In numerology, the number one is hugely powerful and is known as one of the angel numbers. An angel number is said to have been sent to you to show you that your life is aligning exactly as it should and that you need to continue on the path you are treading. This, of course, means that you also need to continue using the law of attraction as much as you can.

These numbers will turn up in all kinds of different places. You might notice them on a clock, or on a passing car’s license plate. It might be the total of your grocery bill, your place in line, the number on a building, or anything else. The point is that you will start to notice these numbers a lot more and when you do, you will know that you are becoming more and more competent at manifesting your true desires.

Better Sleep

When you start to be able to sleep better and dream more deeply than you have before, and when you awake feeling refreshed and energetic, you can be sure that the law of attraction is working for you. This is because you are finally able to put your trust in the larger universe, knowing that you can simply manifest whatever it is you want. Is it any wonder, then, that you are able to sleep so much more peacefully and feel so much more rested during the day?

Pay attention to the dreams that you have when you are feeling so much more restful as well. These could all be part of your ability to manifest, and you may even be able to control them.

More Money

When studying the law of attraction, you will be taught that your natural state and the natural state of everyone else too is abundance. That is, everyone should have enough. When you are getting better at the law of attraction and all it can give you, the universe will start to offer you this abundance, and you will find that you have more money coming to you in different ways. Sometimes it will come unbidden, perhaps as a gift or a windfall, and sometimes it will be your own doing, such as gaining a promotion at work or applying for online installment loans.

This process will usually start in a small way such as finding money on the sidewalk, or in a jacket pocket that you had forgotten about. Gradually, as you become more aware of precisely what it is that you can do, it will increase until you really do have enough.

Remember that whenever you are given or find money in this way, or whenever anything that you manifest comes true, you should always show your gratitude. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more you will receive.


Yet another sign of the law of attraction working as it should is that you will see more rainbows in your day to day life. This might not be in the great outdoors, but could be in a window, a painting, through light refracted onto water or oil and so on. Rainbows are said to represent utter clarity in life, and some also believe that they are a source of energy from the universe. Even if they are not, rainbows are beautiful ways to make us feel happy and positive, and to remind us to focus on manifesting more good things.