In a previous article, we’ve reviewed some of the best ideas to make the most of a small living room, including how to create a unique personality with colors and minimalist choices. 

Your choice of furniture and design can help inject a new life into a small living space, regardless of your remodeling budget. IKEA units can look fantastic and exciting in a purposeful decor! 

However, make sure to create a safe living room environment too. Here are 3 risks people tend to ignore when it comes to interior designs. 

Unsplash – CC0 License

#1. Don’t bury your heating

Whether you’ve got a small fireplace or a heater, you want to be careful about pillows and soft fabric placement. Many cute and exciting cover designs and blankets could be highly inflammable, which means they are more likely to melt or catch fire in the presence of high heat. When managing heat risks, investing in a furnace flame sensor solution may be a game-changer. The sensor can alert you or deactivate the fuel line so your home is safe. 

Which items are more likely to catch fire? Synthetic fabrics, which tend to be bright and colorful, are more flammable. Plastic material will also react to extreme heat contact by melting. On the other hand, natural fabric and material may become discolored in the presence of heat, such as showing dark burn marks. But they are less likely to become a source of fire risk as quickly as other materials!

#2. Avoid cluttered shelves

A stylish bookshelf can be a focal point in your decor. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to maintain an organized bookshelf when you accumulate books and decorative items. Clutter tends to find shelves rapidly! Over time, clutter can lead to stress increase. So, if you have bookshelves, you want to make sure you can create a style that will remain clutter-free. Plan your shelving decor like an art display, whether you put your favorite books or family photos on them. 

Ideally, place items by height and colors on the shelves to create a sense of harmony. It’s a good time to review your personal book collection. Should all books be displayed? Typically, you want to keep classics and meaningful books. Anything else — such as books you don’t need or don’t want to read again — can be removed from the room!