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I LOVE sensory bins to help children learn through play. You can learn more about how to use sensory bins here. It is a common theme in pretend play for children to make believe that they are running an ice cream shop. Imagine their excitement when you create a colorful and engaging experience ice cream shop for them to play and learn! How to Make an Ice Cream Themed Sensory Bin for Kids to Learn Through Play.

Ice Cream Shop Sensory Bin Learning & Play  Activity - jenny at dapperhouse

To make an ice cream sensory bin you will want to get some or all of the following supplies. . .

Multi Colored Rice

Plastic Ice Cream Dishes

Ice Cream Cone Dishes With Spoon

Montessori Sensory Learning Activity Themed Ice Cream Shop - jenny at dapperhouse

Pom Poms

Plastic Balls

Ice Cream Scoops

Plastic Balls

Sensory Bin Fine Motor Skills Ice Cream Sensory Bin - jenny at dapperhouse

Popsicle Sticks

Easter Grass

Shredded Paper

Pipe Cleaners

I made ice cream cones by trimming down paper party hats

How to make an Ice Cream Sensory Bin from jenny at dapperhouse - Learning Through Play

Kids can make whipped cream to top ice cream by twisting white pipe cleaners. Add a cherry on top with a red pompom!

Hoe to make an ice cream sensory bin to learn through play - jenny at dapperhouse

Encourage children to use hand eye coordination and fine motor skills when moving the rice and pompoms.

How to make an Ice Cream Shop Sensory Bin LearniThrough Play Activity jennyatdapperhouse

Encourage sorting and categorizing by color, texture, size and weight.

Add some money and teach children about price, buying, selling, making change and more!

How to Make an Ice Cream Themed Sensory Bin from Jenny at dapperhouse - #Montessori #autism #gifted #sensory

Above all let children have fun playing with their ice cream shop!

How to Make and Use a Sensory Bin #montessori #icecream #learning #autism #gifted

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