So one of the reasons I LOVE working with children is because they are never boring! They are always a challenge, a joy, a headache, or an angel, but they are NEVER boring! I was with some preschoolers and they were shown a picture of Noah Webster. They were asked to take turns by raising their hands and tell the class why they think the man in the picture is famous. All at once they started yelling out their answers and they were SO FUNNY and cute that I had to share them with you.

“He has good hair.” (debatable, but ok.)


“He protects the gold and clovers” (WOW! A ¬†really GREAT guess!)

“That is the guy on all the monies!” (Ok kid, good guess.)

ben franklin post

“That is that guy who discovered The United States of the Other Side.” (Awwah. . . kids are so cute!!!!)


“No, no, no, listen to me guys, that is the guy who made all the wigs for the shows that my mom watched.” (WTHeck?)

“I think that guy lives by us but not that fancy.” (eeesh!)

“That is Michael Jackson” (duuuuuuh…what?)

noah jackson


prince as noah

“That guy is old!” (No shizer Sherlock!)

“Is that the guy who made America?” (copy cat)

“He has the longest thumb in the world?” (OMG -TRUE! Scroll back and look for yourself!)

“NO CHILDREN. This is Noah Webster who made the Dictionary.”

(crickets chirp and a tumbleweed rolls by. . . )

then chaos (the children ask all at once)¬†“What’s a dictionary?”

(oh geez)