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 Campus Book Rentals was one of the ways that I saved money while in Grad School over the past couple of years. I finally graduated but only in time for my son to go into college. It is time right now to register for the Winter semester and books are right around the corner! We registered at the last minute last semester and he bought books at the local bookstore. (YIKES!) With what I am able to get for selling back his books I can rent the ones from Campus Book Rentals for cheap!


This are the reasons why I like to rent textbooks from CBR instead of buying them from a store:

Super Low Prices

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21 Day Risk Free Returns

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That’s right! Help your college student learn the value of a dollar and show them the cost saving with renting from Campus Book Rental.


Go right now and look up your textbook and Let me know how much YOU could have saved by leaving a comment below.