Accidents can happen to you anywhere. Have you had one? If you fall, you must know what to do. Additionally, if you find yourself with injuries, you will need to take care of them. You must take steps to get healthy. Here is what you should do.

Stay Calm 

If you fall and feel injured, stay calm and stay still for a few minutes while you assess your body for injuries. It can take time to feel an injury, especially a head injury, so scan your body for pain and swelling. If you are unable to stand or walk, simply stay put and use your cell phone to call for help. If you don’t have your phone, call out to alert someone that you need help.

Accident from falling can happen anywhere. Depending on where you fall there are different places to contact. No matter where you fall, always call your doctor first so they can identify your injuries and start a treatment plan. If you fall in a public place, contact personal injury lawyers for a professional assessment of your accident and insight into getting things like medical costs and time off work covered. 

Getting Up

After a fall, getting up from the ground is key in not making current injuries worse. Get up carefully. If you are on your back, roll onto your side and then sit up. If your injuries permit, slowly get on your hands and knees before standing. You may feel you have no injuries, but only your doctor can say for sure.  So take it slow and easy.

If you feel dizzy or unsteady, look for sturdy furniture nearby that can hold your weight Holding onto a sturdy chair, coffee table or sofa will work to support you while getting your bearings before you try and walk. Be slow and steady to prevent hurting yourself. Push through your hands when you raise and turn your body. Once on the chair, sofa, or table, check yourself again to identify injuries. If you’re nervous or crying, try to take slow, deep breaths. This will help to calm you even more. 

Have an Action Plan

Everyone should have an action plan for falling. When you live alone it’s critical, but even if you don’t live alone, you still need a plan. You should have someone you can call. This person must always expect you to call. Be sure to keep your phone charged, and topped up. You should always keep this phone with you. You may give this number to a friend, relative, or neighbor. You should let them know they are your safety net. You may also use a community alarm. You will keep a transmitter, while the other person keeps a receiver. You should choose this person wisely, try to select one of your friends or family.

Get the Help You Need

When you fall you may be injured, so you must know what to do. When you do, you have a bigger chance of a fast recovery. You need a fall plan, if you live alone this could save your life. Let someone help you make one. When do make sure the plan suits your needs.


Main Photo by Andrea Piacquadio