5 Natural Products that Guarantee Big Beauty Results

More and more we are learning to avoid harmful chemicals in everyday products. Beauty products are especially important because they come in direct contact with our skin and bodies! There are natural products that have been scientifically proven to change the composition of skin and hair. Products that cause legitimate improvements when applied topically. Most natural ingredients are proven to work over time with regular use and some can have immediate effects. Here are 5 natural beauty remedies that are guaranteed to work.


Honey has been around for a long time in the history of beauty and made most famous by Cleopatra with her milk and honey baths used to maintain youth. Honey is a natural skin softening humectant that can be applied directly to skin and hair. Honey has proven antibacterial and healing properties which make it idea for masks to treat acne and treat dry skin. Honey can also be added to and mixed with other products such as jojoba oil to create a moisturizing hair treatment or with oatmeal to make a face scrub.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants we know of. It helps prevent signs of aging aging by stimulating the production of collagen to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. New research shows that it may also treat darkening of the skin caused by sun damage. You can mix vitamin c oil or powder to a gel base like aloe vera (for oily skin) or to an oil base such as coconut oil (for dry skin) to make your own face and body treatments at home.

Tea Tree Oil

If you have not heard of the antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits of Tea Tree Oil then you are missing out. Just a few drops of oil in your normal shampoo can revitalize your hair at the roots to promote growth and also maintain a healthy scalp for those with psoriasis. A few drops in your facial scrub or moisturizer will combat acne and clean your pores. Tea Tree Oil is a very powerful oil so only a little is needed to make a big difference in beauty.

Green Tea

Like honey, Green Tea is another beauty treatment that has lasted through the ages due to its remarkable results. Green tea contains antioxidants that produce anti-aging results by healing damaged skin cells. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties to reduce and repair the signs of acne. It can be applied right to the skin by using a warm tea bag after making tea. You can use green tea matcha powder mixed into some honey and apply it as a mask anywhere you want to see less wrinkles and softer skin.

Plain Yogurt

Plain yogurt is rich in protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin D all of which strengthen hair. It can also repair hair and skin cells. The lactic acid in yogurt can also tighten pores and give a youthful glow on skin. In hair it can reduce dandruff and promote healing when applied directly to the scalp. Mixing yogurt with honey to make a mask for both your skin and your hair will really up your beauty game and make you feel renewed. Add a couple drops of tea tree oil to the mix and you will be unstoppable.

What natural products do you use at home for beauty?

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