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Frugal living is one reason to DIY your facials at home. Another is just purely to save time. While I agree that it is a wonderful treat to get pampered, it is also a once in awhile treat that you schedule and plan for and set time aside for. DIY treatments are efficient, inexpensive and effective in creating beautiful, healthy skin! Here is how to make the best facial scrubs for your skin type.

DIY Spa Treatments for perfect skin jenny at dapperhouse

I have found a good base for facial scrubs has three main ingredients:

  • epsom salt (relieves inflamation, soothes skin)
  • olive oil (moisturizes and softens skin naturally)
  • honey (antibacterial and anti inflammatory)

These make a perfect paste and a good exfoliation. Then you can add other ingredients that specifically cater to your skin types and needs.

How to make DIY Facial Scrub at home for various skin types jenny at dapperhouse #beauty #skin #facial

Beneficial ingredients to add to facial scrubs.

  • apple cider vinegar (balances pH & inhibits acne)
  • egg white (Maintains skin elasticity & shrinks pores)
  • soy powder (repairs sun damage and age spots)
  • orange, grapefruit and lemon juice (reverses aging & environmental damage)

Basic ingredients for facial scrub spa treatment at home jenny at dapperhouse #beauty #skin

TIP: Add white or brown sugars to create smaller granules for a different type of exfoliation. Other things such as oatmeal, dry herbs and coffee grounds are beneficial as well.

DIY Skin Spa treatments at home facial scrub jenny at dapperhouse #beauty #skincare

Basic directions to using a facial scrub: Massage scrub on skin in small circular motions for up to two minutes avoiding eyes. Rinse gently with warm water. Follow with a facial mask or gentle soap. Follow with toner, moisturizer or other products that heal and benefit your skin.