I Know, I Know, I could use some volume in my hair!
But, I dont like product in my hair.
I will not wear mousse, gel, hairspray…
ok, so a teensy bit of hairspray to tame the “flyaways” near my part…
but not everyday.
I have ALWAYS had stick straight hair.
No, this isnt me…
Although much like me,
Gwyneth also refuses to wear extensions for volume, or “rat” her hair.
But I digress…
My daughter and sister are both hair stylists and told me that I need
volume at my crown but I Also cant stand backcombing my hair
 into a “rats nest”.
So after they told me how wonderful the
volumizing powder would work for me,
I eagerly gave it a try…
I bought the GOT 2b brand from the drug store for around $7.00
because it was a cheap one to try in case I didnt like it.
It sounded easy enough…sprinkle on palms…
rub hands together to emulsify the product…
then rub it in at the roots and coat the hair.
It was really weird because right before my eyes I was getting volume!!
My hair felt soft…definitely coated, but not crunchy, sticky or tangled…
it was manageable and soft and it felt really cool!
When I got the volume I wanted and it was an evenly distributed height,
I smoothed it with a brush on the surface and…
Real volume that looks natural – not extreme like Snookie!
Although I would love to take Snookie and give her a Marie Antoinette makeover!
She is part way there with the hair!
And I would like to have my eyebrows look that perfect…
SO I TOTALLY Recommend Volumizing powder!
I cant WAIT to try some other brands too!


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse