When you are at school or college, it seems like you have all the time in the world to study when and how you like. However, if you return to it later in life when you already have countless other working and family commitments, it can seem very difficult to make studying a regular part of your life. But there are so many advantages to learning new skills and obtaining new qualifications, you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way. Here are just a few tricks that you can use to fit studying into your already hectic lifestyle.

Have a Plan

You need to divide up your responsibilities very clearly and methodically if you are hoping to devote as much time as you would like to your studies. Consider what your goals are, when you have to complete assessments, and what you want to get out of this whole experience. The type of course you are doing will dictate when you are studying. If it is a ‘real-life course, you will have clearly defined hours, but if it is something online like a masters degree in integrated marketing communications, you will probably have more flexibility. Also, make sure that you have all the equipment that you need to completely your studies. You will also want to set up a zone in your house where you can escape to learn with as few distractions as possible – though, of course, this is often easier said than done!

Build a Support Network

It is important that your family, friends, and other people in your social circle are on board with your decision. If you are doing the course to advance in your current company, hopefully, your employer should be on board and give you special time allowances. Perhaps your partner will be able to take on more childcare responsibilities to give you a helping hand. You may need to hire help like a cleaner to take this responsibility off your shoulders.

Maximize Your Time

Since we are living in a world in which juggling a host of distractions is commonplace, you need to maximize your study time whenever you get it. Remove all possible distractions like the TV and your smartphone. When you are sitting down to study, make sure that you are doing just that. If you don’t maximize your time, you are only likely to have to complete the work at another time in the future.

Simplify Your Life

Anything that can make your life easier is important during this time. Don’t commit to too many social occasions, particularly when you have a deadline looming. If you tend to spend a lot of time cooking, try learning some simple recipes and order takeaways on the weekends. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to complete household tasks which can wait until a later date.

Of course, fitting studying into an already hectic life is never going to be the easiest thing in the world, but these tips should at least provide you with a starting point.