When a marriage begins to break down, it highlights all kinds of issues. From the money to the property, business, even the pets and of course most importantly, the custody of your children. With emotions and even accusations running high, it can be difficult for couples to come to an amicable agreement about the residency or custody of their children. 

As a parent, you’ll undoubtedly want what’s best for your children, so you’ll want to primarily be with you. Sadly, for some couples, this tug of war becomes less and less about the children involved and more about scoring points. 

If you believe that your children would be better off living with you, then you must take the steps needed, as soon as possible to ensure you’re in a good, legal position. Read on for tips for winning a child custody battle.

Start keeping records

Is there something of significance about your partner that you believe your solicitor should know? Maybe they have a DUI charge – click here to try and find a Burbank DUI lawyer – or other questionable behaviour that has created problems. Any cause for concern should always be highlighted and many parents are advised to keep records of anything significant. 

Don’t argue in front of the children

Your children must continue to see you as a pillar of comfort. Especially during this emotional time. Allowing them to see you arguing will paint an incredibly negative picture that could be used against you in the family court.

Don’t allow yourself to be provoked 

Emotions will be running high. And your ex may try to provoke you into reacting a certain way. Something which could be used against you. If provoked, walk away. If the provocation is online or social media, screenshot it and keep it for your own records. Don’t respond. 

Spend time with your children

Continue to have as much contact with your children as possible. And make notes of when you saw there, where you went. Etc. Document everything with photographs and videos, so if any accusations occur e.g.- children didn’t enjoy themselves or weren’t looked after, you can set the record straight. 

Always attend court

If you are required to attend court, then you should do so. Missing any court date will reflect badly on you and your case. Always dress to impress and treat all members of staff, including security, secretaries and the judge with respect.