Do you love to organize things? Are your friends always asking you to help plan parties and outings? Are you good at smoothing things over when two friends quarrel? If this sounds like you, a career in public relations might be just what you are looking for. Many years ago I worked for Walgreen’s head office overseeing their social media. I planned content and posts but I always acted as an intermediary between the public/Walgreens customers and Walgreens itself. Any time negative tweets or facebook posts came in, I had to respond immediately to the threat with strategic thinking within the values and voice of Walgreens to dissolve the issues and turn them into a positive win for the customer. PR is a really fun job that is fast paced, requires a calm and professional demeanor, and that provides value by keeping and acquiring new customers through social media, press releases, trade shows, special events, articles and more. So sit back, take a drag of your e cig and explore what it takes to become a public relations specialist.

Event Planning

One of the jobs that fall to public relations specialists is planning, organizing and running events, both large and small. Have you ever gone to a music festival and wondered who organized the thing? It was probably someone with a background in public relations. The ability to see the event as a whole and break it down into smaller parts is an important skill for a PR person, as is knowing how to delegate and who to give responsibility to. Once you have outlined the parts of the event and broken them down into manageable steps organized along a time-line, it is time to let the public know what is happening. That is also part of the job of a public relations manager.

Publicity Campaigns

Getting the word out is probably the most visible job of a PR person. These are the people we often see in front of cameras or interviewed in the press about events or campaigns for businesses or non-profit organizations. Managing a publicity campaign involves knowing where to place ads for the best effect, whether that is on social media or in the mainstream press. Politicians and celebrities often hire public relations professionals to help improve their image and this sometimes involves fixing their missteps.

Damage Control

A public relations manager is often called upon to report on problems that come up for businesses, such as industrial accidents or legal troubles. This calls for the ability to remain calm and stick to your message in the face of stressful circumstances, such as public hearings and press conferences. Some people do well under fire, and if you are one of those, this could be the job for you. 

Course of Study

Many people who get jobs in public relations go to college and get degrees in English, communications or journalism, and some add a minor in business or marketing. This field requires the ability to communicate clearly, think creatively and project a calm and “in charge” attitude. As with so many other jobs, your experience will count for a lot when you are looking for a position in public relations.

If you like working with people and stand up well to pressure, public relations is a good choice for you.