Did you know that the simple act of breathing may be making us sick? For example, opening the window to let in the fresh air may cause you to think twice if you are one of the millions of allergy sufferers. We all have to breathe to live, but every breath can be causing our bodies harm. If we don’t know what to look for, we may blame it on other causes. Here are things to be aware of and how to stay healthy while breathing air every day.

Poor Air Quality 


The solution to many problems is to open a window and get fresh air. Unfortunately, thate air is filled with numerous tiny pollen particles that can easily infiltrate your home through the open windows. And allergies don’t only happen in the spring. While springtime causes pollen and grass allergies, fall brings molds, spores and ragweed. Mildew is a fungus that can cause deadly mycotoxins and this can be found any time of year. Dust is found year round as well.

  • Remove carpet and use wood or tile floors. Otherwise, vacuum with a clean bag and wash carpets often.
  • Buy an automatic vaccuum that is constantly cleaning allergens from the floor.
  • Bathe pets often to remove dander and allergens that they pick up outside.
  • Dust all surfaces often with a damp rag that picks up the dust rather than spreading them into the air. Spraying a little of this on your rag will paick up dust and clean surfaces allergy free.
  • Encase pillows and mattresses in waterproof covers to prevent mites, dead skin and other allergens from settling into bedding.
  • Use air filtration to catch allergens. Splurge for the HEPA filters for air conditioners and heaters. Buy free standing, portable air purifiers for rooms and offices. Change filters often.
  • Avoid opening windows during high allergen times. Use fans to circulate clean air indoors.
  • Remove and wash clothes along with taking a shower after spending time outside. Wash the allergens and pollen off of your skin, hair and clothing once you are indoors. Keep shoes outside so you don’t track pollen inside.

Forest Fires

Forest fires have been so prominent in the Western United States that people are getting very sick. Some cities have no burn days for fires and fireplaces. Summer camps were canceled in parts of Arizona over the summer. And the ash and smoke was carried as far as thousands of miles across many states affecting everyone in its wake.

  • Do not toss cigarettes. Use a bottle filled with a little water to extinguish cigarettes when no ashtray is around.
  • When using an ashtray, be sure to double check that cigarettes are fully extinguished.
  • Do not use campfires in high burn areas. Use alternative methods to prevent starting a fire. It happens easier and faster than anyone ever expects.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher with you whenever you are using fire at home or in nature.
  • Completely douse all fires more than necessary to prevent resparking or smouldering.
  • Keep flammable objects away from heat or power sources and especially away from fires.

Air Pollution

America is trying its best to control and combat air pollution from buildings and automobiles, but it is far from clean. Many cities with large populations deal on a daily basis with air quality so poor because pollution is so high, that they make a public plea for people to carpool, use public transportation and to stay indoors.

  • encourage your company to look into green options and ways to decrease your carbon footprint. Maybe volunteer to head up the initiative or sign a petition to get attention.
  • Carpool, ride a bike or use public transportation when possible.
  • Purchase a fuel efficient or electric vehicle.
  • Don’t use the grill or make bonfires. Use electric cooking options for cooking and fire pits.

Advice that can save your life.

Poor air quality from allergens, fires and also air pollution is especially worrisome for asthma patients. If you have athsma, have medication, inhalers and anything else that the doctor prescribed to you readily available in case of an attack. Inform people around you what an athsma attack looks like and how they can best help if you are suffering.

If you have severe allergies, be prepared as well. One of the easiest ways to control allergies is to beging taking medication regularly before allergy season begins so that your body is ready to keep you healthy.