Every home needs a cabinet that’s filled with supplies to help in minor emergencies. This is your first aid cabinet, and it lets you treat injuries and wounds that might happen to people in your home. Mainly, you’re looking at your kids here! They’re most likely to hurt themselves around the home, so you need a few supplies to ensure all issues are dealt with. Plus, let’s be a bit honest here, you do have a tendency to cut your thumb when chopping stuff in the kitchen. So, having some first aid supplies will be handy for you as well!

What does your first aid cabinet need? Here are a few things that are must-haves:

Wound dressings

I’ve been a bit cheeky and grouped a selection of things under one heading. Wound dressings are basically anything you use to cover a wound and help to contain the bleeding. This can include: 

  • Band-aids
  • Gauze
  • Bandages

You know, anything that’s similar to these items! They are useful to have as you can quickly apply them to any injuries, stopping them from bleeding. 


Disinfectant is applied to open wounds to ensure that any germs are killed. You need to clean wounds before you apply any dressings or they can get infected and be really nasty to deal with. As far as wound care supplies go, disinfectant is right up there as something you absolutely must-have.  to help heal your family whether they’ve fallen and scraped their knees or been in an accident that requires you to contact a bicycle accident lawyer, for example. Running a cut under a tap won’t always get rid of all the germs that are present, so get some of this to really clean the wounds.

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You need one of these to check your child’s temperature if they are sick. It’s very important to know if they have a fever or not as this can help you diagnose any problems they have. It’s the difference between a little cold and something more serious – like the flu, tonsillitis, or coronavirus. 

Antihistamine products

Sometimes, you or your kids can have allergic reactions to things. This might mean you break out in hives or have a rash. Having some antihistamine tablets or creams can calm the symptoms extremely quickly. So, it’s always good to have these as part of your first aid cabinet. 


Of course, you need to have some painkillers in the cabinet as well. For adults, you can choose any of the standard over-the-counter painkillers available. But, ensure you have some that are suitable for kids as well. You shouldn’t use painkillers all the time, but they are useful if someone is in a lot of pain and they need some quick relief. 

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are countless other things you can include in a first aid cabinet at home. Also, take into account your family’s unique health problems or issues. If your kids are prone to eye or ear infections, you need to add some products to deal with these. But, for a general first aid cabinet, the items listed above are the key things you need to get before buying anything else.

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