Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being. Unfortunately, many people who seek treatment for physical ailments lack the time or opportunity to do the same for mental health concerns. However, the recent rise in online options has made mental health care more accessible to people. Here are four benefits of online therapy.

1. Greater Choice

With online mental health counseling, you can choose from a wider variety of therapists with more specialized skills than you would be able to if choosing from therapists in your local area. A good fit between the patient and provider is essential to having a good care plan and making progress, and a greater choice in providers increases the chances of finding that great fit. This is especially important for patients who live in rural and remote areas who might have a very limited or no selection of mental health professionals unless they drive a great distance.

A good online therapy platform will typically do an intake assessment to match you with a therapist that is likely to be a good fit for your needs and personality. This is a good time to express any special needs or concerns when beginning your therapy journey.

2. Flexibility

With traditional in-person counseling, it can be difficult to find appointments outside of the standard weekday 9 am to 5 pm window. With online therapy, your chances of finding a provider who works outside of those hours are greater, as is finding someone in a different time zone who might be better able to accommodate your schedule.

Online therapy is more flexible when it comes to taking vacations or business trips because you can keep your appointment even when you are not in your local area. There are also those cases when you may not feel well enough to leave the house but still want to keep your appointment, which you can do from the comfort of your own bed through online therapy. Just getting to a brick and mortar building may be difficult whether it be work running late, traffic slowing you down or other unforseen issues. Instead of being charged for an office visit you were late for, you can take a call at your convenience.

3. Additional Options

Because it is already centered around technology, online therapy may come with additional options for mental health care such as live messaging and virtual reality components. The option to have therapy sessions through either voice call, video chat, or text communication is especially beneficial to those who are hard of hearing or have limited vision. Choosing a website or app that is user-friendly and easy to navigate is an important step in having a good online therapy experience.

4. Better Outcomes

Two of the greatest predictors of success in mental health counseling is the ability to consistently stick to your program and having a good repport with your therapist. Online therapy makes these factors easier by eliminating the commute to a provider’s office and making it easier to switch to another provider if your current one is not a good fit for you. At the end of the day, regularly attending your appointments with an understanding and effective professional will lead to better mental health outcomes.

When thinking about seeking professional care for your mental health, do consider these four benefits of online therapy.