Living in Las Vegas can sometimes mean living the dream. With booze, partying, and fun on tap it is not difficult to live lavishly without a care in the world. That is until the fun stops and the party becomes out of control. Unless you have a strong state of mental wellbeing it is easy to get caught up in the moment. One more drink, one more pill, one last roll of the dice- until it all comes crashing down. Here we have compiled several coping mechanisms that will help you on your way if you live in Sin City and are battling an addiction.

1. Get Help

The best way to cope with an addiction is by trying to move on from it. This is by no means an easy feat so seeking help from a center such as Landmark Recovery Las Vegas will help keep you on track and focus on your journey. Vegas is full of noise, bright lights, and sparkle which can be huge distractions. By checking into a facility, it will give you the necessary time and space to make those positive changes needed in your life.

2. Take A Breath

If you’re fighting addiction without professional help or as an outpatient it can be really difficult to stay on the straight and narrow. If you’re feeling as though you want to give in to your addiction it is important that you take a moment to resist your compulsive behaviors and determine whether you really want to succumb to your cravings or if you’re simply continuing a pattern of destructive routines or habits. By pausing and giving yourself a little time to reflect you’re about to ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this?’, ‘How is it benefitting me?’, and ‘Will I regret this choice I am making?’. If your answers to these questions are not positive, it is time to channel deep within and use your willpower to say no to yourself.

3. Find A Healthy Distraction

Exercise, Cooking, Reading, the list of healthy hobbies is endless. Think about an activity you enjoy (or enjoyed before your addiction). Look for groups you can join that focus on what you like to do and make them a part of your weekly routines. If you like to walk, why not join a hiking group and set out on some great hiking trails every weekend? By throwing yourself into activities you love, you can keep your mind off your addictions. Taking part in leisure pursuits as a group is great as it holds you accountable. If you’re part of a sports team you have to be responsible, you can’t indulge in an addiction spiral if you have a team that will be let down.

4. Journal

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can be scary but writing them down just for yourself can be cathartic. Be honest with yourself and spill all ofyour internal emotions onto the page. Track your negative feelings as well as positive thoughts and at the end of each day make a note of something you are grateful for. Looking back on past entries is a good way to see how far you have come.

If you’re suffering from addiction why not share some of your best coping techniques in the comments to help other readers?