Bullying has been a problem since possibly the beginning of time. In the Bible in 2 Kings chapter 2, the prophet Elijah was bullied by some boys who made fun of him for being bald. It seems there is no end of people who decide to treat other people badly, often due to jealousy or in an effort to mask their own insecurities. Sometimes a bully will take someone’s physical features and turn them into something they negatively exploit, belittle, and use to generally make the victim feel bad about themselves. Often it is things like ears that stick out, a nose that has a bump in it or crooked teeth.

The Perfect Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Every smile is unique, as no one’s smile looks exactly like yours. Rather than celebrating that uniqueness, some people choose to tease those with teeth that are not as white or straight as others. Some bullies will call out teeth that are big just because a child has not grown into their adult teeth. While it is best to ignore those hurtful comments as much as possible, sometimes the words just sting so badly, and you wish things could be different so you don’t have to hear them anymore.

How an Orthodontist Can Help

A good orthodontist can seem like a modern-day miracle worker when it comes to changing the overall look of your teeth. Having teeth that are not in perfect alignment is quite common; fortunately, it is also very easy to correct with advanced orthodontic services. If you see your imperfect smile as more of a burden than a blessing, reach out to a respected orthodontist. You don’t have to change yourself unless you want to. If you want straighter teeth then get braces. If it shuts up the bullies then great!

Resources for Orthodontic Care

Many insurance companies cover the cost of orthodontic services. If you do not have that coverage, there are orthodontists who offer financial assistance for that very scenario. They understand the importance of a beautiful smile and want to help you on your journey.

There are countless stories of people who were able to use their experience with being bullied as a source of strength later in their life. Sometimes the victim can find retribution, even in a public way. A well-known rap artist wrote a song about his bullying experience and named the bully in the lyrics of the song. Far too often though, the victims live with the emotional and or physical scars without any sense of closure. Years may go by without the victim even discussing the abuse with anyone. Bullying is always damaging, even if it results in a positive outcome down the road. If you find yourself a victim, seek help immediately.  Schools, parents, counselors and sometimes even the police can get involved to stop a bully from bothering you. Stand up for yourself and make them face the consequences of their actions by telling adults until you get someone to help you. Bullying can become a thing of the past if we find ways to make them stop.