How I Built My Wine Collection and Improved My Palate

By: Paul Temcio

After a visit to wine country and really liking a particular wine and winery, I began to have regular shipments made to my home. After a couple of years, I wanted to start trying out different wines from different wineries to improve my palate to the subtleties in each type of wine, blend and finish. I signed up for a monthly wine service to get selections from lesser known vineyards and to try out the up and coming brands that you can’t find at your local stores. It is exciting to get the wines and the extensive information delivered to your home, but it is also an excellent way to build your home collection!

I keep my wines on a spreadsheet with the individual names, vineyards and other information that define the wine. When I feel like opening a bottle, I refer to that sheet to determine what bottle would best suit my taste at the time. Or I just pick out a new and different wine to try. I also add notes to the spread sheet to record my own tastes and opinions about the wine so I can see trends of  what I like personally and also to identify which ones I want to order again.

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The last point I will make about this service is that everywhere you go for a party, dinner, house warming, etc. you always have to bring a bottle of wine. Be the cool guy who brings something unique to talk about and fun to share rather than running last minute to the grocery store to get the same old thing.
Don't Be That Guy. Bring Wine.

Have you tried a monthly wine service?