Watermelon and mint are the two flavors that for me are pure refreshment for summer. When I was young, my mom would take us to a place in downtown Tempe, Arizona called “snow” where we would get to choose a flavor of juice pored over finely shaved ice. It was difficult to choose, but fresh watermelon juice was amazing on those dreadfully hot days. I grow mint in the spring and summer because it is a must have for infusing my water every day. I fill my water bottle up with ice, add a big sprig of fresh mint, add cold water and enjoy cooling off. This smoothie recipe combines both of my favorite flavors in a tasty, ice cold treat that will cool you off while nourishing your body with natural ingredients. Prepare the frozen ingredients ahead of time so that you can whip this up whenever you get the urge.

Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Makes: 2 smoothies


2 1/2 cups watermelon (frozen is better)
1 cup yogurt
2 sprigs mint; 1 diced and 1 for topping
1 tablespoon sugar or honey; for sweetness


Place watermelon, ice, mint, honey, and yogurt into to a blender. Layer in a little of each as this makes it easier for it to blend. Use a spoon to stir around if need be.

Pour into a glass and top off with sprig of mint.

TIP: Add your favorite alcohol or liqueur for an adult beverage.

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