Hopster is the Smart New Way to Save Money on Groceries

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I love being able to share amazing life hacks with you. I also love being the bearer of good news. These are why I am very excited about this announcement. “Hopster Mobile Rebates is the Smart New Way to Save Money on Groceries!”  YAY!

I saved money the first day that I downloaded and used it. It was so easy (and fun) that I wanted to tell you about it right away!


1.) Choose your rebates from a large selection of brands.

2.) Shop your favorite stores (any store will do!)

3.) Take a picture of your receipt on your phone showing the items you purchased.

4.) Rebates are redeemed and your cash is deposited to PayPal.

Go get your phone and follow along the get the Hopster App so you can start saving money now!

1.) Go to Hopster to get the link.

It is so fast and easy to get the Hopster App.

2.) Once you have Hopster App downloaded, simply go through the deals and touch on the ones you want to save. (You can also shop by store if you like.)

TIP: To access your deals, touch the yellow circle on the bottom right corner that has a “grocery list” icon on it.

3.) Head out to do your grocery shopping and find your items.

Among my savings was a great deal on a cereal that I love!

4.) When you get home put your groceries away as you recount the amazing saving you just got from Hopster App on your favorite products and brands.

I poured a bowl of that delicious cereal I bought and sat down to redeem my Hopster rebates.

5.) The redemption process is super easy as well. Follow the prompts on the app. It will ask you to circle the Hopster featured items on your receipt. (This step is optional.)

6.) Then Hopster will ask you to take a picture of the receipt. The rebates you earned will be redeemed and the cash credited to your PayPal account as soon as the redemption is validated.

It is cool because no matter how little or how much you spend, there are no requirements on amounts for redemption.

And. You’re. Done!

Hopster does not have wimpy savings. Some of the rebate values on products are:

  • $1 off cereals
  • $2 off antacid medication
  • $2 off children’s clothes
  • $3 off coffee
  • $8 off Joint health supplement

Families are scrambling to save money these days and Hopster mobile rebates App makes it fun and easy for busy moms. Saving money every time you go grocery shopping really adds up fast.

TIP: Keep the money you earn from Hopster in PayPal and watch it add up. Use it as savings for emergencies or a vacation!

What great products are you going to redeem with your Hopster Mobile Rebates App?

Go here to download your app:  HOPSTER

Search the hashtag #SaveWithHopster to see more and follow them on social at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

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28 thoughts on “Hopster is the Smart New Way to Save Money on Groceries

  1. I am all for ways of saving as much money as I can and groceries. I swear grocery stores are getting more more expensive in my budget is not getting any better.

  2. I am always looking for new ways to save on groceries. I will have to try Hopster Mobile Rebates out. With a teenage Son we need to buy a lot of groceries.

  3. I am excited to give Hopster Mobile Rebates a try. I am planning on a big grocery shopping trip this weekend. I am excited to see how much I can save.

  4. I have heard of Hopster in the past but never knew how much money I was possibly leaving on the table. I need to sign up! Thanks Jenny!

  5. I have never heard of this app before but it sounds so much easier than others I have used. Gonna give it a go!

  6. You definitely look happy! I had not heard of hopster until I read your post. I really like that the money goes right to your PayPal when you do your rebates. That is a big seller for me on this app.

  7. I am all about saving – in any domain possible (well, especially groceries). I’ll have to check out this app – I feel there are many that claim for good savings, but this one seems very legit.

  8. It’s always good to have as many ways to save money as possible. Hopster sounds like a fantastic way to save – it’s easy and convient. Gotta love that.

  9. Hopster sounds like an awesome app. I wonder if it works in Dubai too or not. It is a perfect app to stay organized and keep track of expense.

  10. Looks very simple and straight forward! Here in South Africa my bank offers something like this, but it’s super complicated: you have to have the bank app at the till and scan one by one the products with discounts… not convenient at all!

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