Regardless of how big a home is, or the number of years you have lived in it, you should feel happy, comfortable and content in it. However, keeping your home in tip top condition is easier said than done, especially if you haven’t got a knack for cleaning.

Creating a cleaning schedule and asking other members of your home to chip in can make all the difference and help keep your property clean and tidy. With that in mind, here are some home cleaning tasks that you should put at the top of your list.

Create a Laundry Schedule

Depending on how many people live in your household, you may not have to do laundry every day. We all want to wear clothes that are clean and smell fresh, so if you live as a family unit, creating a laundry schedule should be your first step. Children who stain their clothes regularly with paints and foods can be challenging, so it’s important that you wash stains out straight away. Smelly socks and clothing can leave an unpleasant aroma around the home, so staying on top of your laundry is key.

Put Away Clean Clothes

Once you have got in the swing of doing laundry, the last thing you should do is leave clean clothes to sit in your laundry basket. The longer they are there, the higher risk they have of becoming dirty again due to dust, spills, and animal hair. After your clothes are fresh and dry, make sure that you place them into drawers or hang them in the closet, helping to keep them looking their best.

Vacuum Thoroughly

To keep your home clean and hygienic, it’s advised to vacuum every day. If you lead a hectic schedule and haven’t got the time to spend multiple hours vacuuming, spending 15 minutes each day to do a quick tidy can make all the difference. Whether you have carpet or laminate flooring, getting rid of all the germs, dirt, and dust that have accumulated will help keep your home clean and fresh. If you live with your partner and don’t like the idea of vacuuming the whole home yourself, sharing the load can help reduce stress levels.

Wash the Dishes

After making dinner, the last thing many homeowners want to do is tackle a mountain of dishes. Whether you put them into a dishwasher, or wash them by hand, it’s advised to clean all your plates, cutlery, and bowls on the day you use them. While you may want to leave dishes until the morning, unclean plates are a breeding ground for mold which can cause dangerous particles to roam around your home, triggering illness. 

Clean Kitchen Surfaces

After preparing any food, it’s vital that you wipe down your worktops before continuing. Using an antibacterial cleanser can stop germs from reproducing and putting you and your family at risk. Foodborne germs can cause illness, so maintaining excellent kitchen hygiene should be your top priority. Bits of food laying on your worktops can also be an invitation for pests such as mice to enter your home.

Clean Out Your AC/ HVAC

Large AC or HVAC units can easily overlooked when you’re cleaning your home, but if they’re left they can develop dust and grime. As such, you should wipe down the outside of the unit regularly and run a duster over it like any other appliance or piece of furniture. Additionally, you also need to change the filter regularly to keep your air clean, so while you’re cleaning your unit you should change the filter at the same time. You can visit websites like FilterBuy to purchase a new air filter. They have filters that are designed to last for up to 90 days, and can help you maintain superior indoor air quality, as well as reduce your energy costs.

Throw Out Old Food

If you live as a family, it can be easy for food to spoil without you realizing, so it’s important that you look through your refrigerator a couple of times each week. Anything that has gone past its use by date needs to be thrown out immediately. Food that is out of date such as meat, eggs, and dairy can cause illness to not only you, but your loved ones. What’s more, nasty smells can exude from old remnants, so make sure that you get into the habit of chucking away old food.

Clean the Bathroom

Bacteria can grow in warm and damp environments, making your bathroom the perfect breeding spot. Deep cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis will make sure that bacteria cannot grow and develop. There are several things you can do, such as using an antibacterial wipe for your flushes and basin taps, as well as disinfecting the toilet pan, and wiping down your curtain or shower cubicle. 

Once you have a home cleaning schedule in place, the idea of keeping your property clean and tidy will be much easier to maintain. A little can go a long way, so doing small tasks throughout the day can make all the difference in keeping your property hygienic and spotless.